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Shadow of the Moon's Light

Silvernyte's Journal

~Silvernyte Rhuka~
27 September 1979
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for a while I was using the livejournal account weazul, but in the need to make a clean start after some foolishness made its way into there I started afresh here. my originalname for this account was Mugetsu_, which had to do with my lupine aspect of Mugetsu Ookamiza, whose name seems to take on more and more meaning each time I meditate on it.

Mugetsu is a reflection of my other lupine aspect Silvernyte. Silvernyte the silver-grey wolf represented to some extent the night sky and the moon's light, the light of hope in the darkness. there was a certain innocence, or perhaps nievety is the better word, as well.

Mugetsu, however, is a black wolf, and a dire wolf as well - she is more primal than Silvernyte ever was. Mugetsu meaning "moonless sky" it reflects a night with no outer rays of hope, I chose the name durring a period of "darkness" in my life where I thought hope had vanished.

however, her eyes are pale grey with a hint of ice blue. they definately have an icy light, like some of the stars have. as I meditated I found out what this meant. that the strongest hope comes from inside. eyes being windows to the soul, those eyes represent the inner light of hope.

thus I added Ookamiza to Mugetsu's name, as I once wrote that friends are like stars and can give one hope, I am like a star as well. that I can be my own light when things seem dark.

when LJ offered free renames for those with underscores at the beginning or ending of their usernames with the changes to their system I felt it was time for a name change here. I thought on it long and hard and finally decided upon Silvernyte. it is one of the names and aspects I relate strongest to - and she had returned into my life. thru times of trouble and betrayal she had faded into the background, returning now scarred, but still strong.

my aspects are reflections of myself, of different sides of myself. in a way they're kind of like the "fursonas" used in the furry community, but unlike how some people use fersonas these are reflections of my soul, aspects or facets of what makes me me.

the two primary aspects:
wolf - expressed thru three forms, my wolf-aspect is the strongest. at it's simplest form lies Moonshadow, the wolf I dreampt I was when I was younger. the next expression of this is Silvernyte, the wolf that I was when I was still "innocent" and optimistic, and who has since returned in my life. the latest expression of this aspect is Mugetsu.

weasel - my second most active aspect, expressed thru various RP characters, the core of this aspect lies in the aspect Sable Kageitachi, a kamaitachi/raiju hybrid.

some other names I'm known by are Sable Kageitachi, Weazul, and several odd titles such as "MangaPimp", the "Silver Werewolf of Chaos, Hentai-ness, and Dumb Luck" ("The SilverWere" for short), "Keeper of the Brain-o", and "Crazy Person I Don't Know" (as in "that's the Crazy Person I Don't Know" XD).

~|~ Tsuki

the Raiju Fanlisting

in claims_in_anime as weazul I have claims on Kiba. for this account I have claims on Train from Black Cat and Yato from Kindan no Koi.

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